Places to Find Contests

Since this is my first post, I should probably start with finding contests, sweepstakes and giveaways to enter. This way I can try out setting up this WordPress thing with a first post.

Everyday there are an incredible number of new contests so in additions to emails that I get informing me of new contests I also go to websites that post the new contests. The emails come mainly from places where I have already entered previous contests.

Here are my 10 favorite places to get new contests from.

1. Slick Deals Contest forum

2. Contest Girl

3. Bukawow

4. Online Sweepstakes

5 Lucky Contests

6. About’s Contest page

7. Sweepstakes Advantage

8. Subreddit for Giveaways

9. Sweepstakes Today

10. Contest Bee

Between all of these you can easily find hundreds of contests to enter everyday.